Classroom Tour

Classroom Tour
Student desks are organized in cooperative groups to promote team building and collaboration. Two black crates are stacked at each group to store pencil boxes, supplies, and folders.  Throughout the year we frequently rearrange our desks.
Classroom Library
Our classroom library holds over 2,000 books. Books are organized by genre, series, and reading level. New books are purchased and added to our classroom library throughout the school year. Bonus points from our Scholastic Book Order help make this possible! For every book students purchase, bonus points are earned for our class.
Book Bins
This year, each student will be provided with a book bin. Students will fill their book bins with their book choices to read during independent reading time. When not being used, book bins will be stored on top of our classroom library bookshelves.
We have four student computers. Our fifth computer is used to run our Smart Board. Students use computers throughout the school day. We also make frequent trips to our school's computer lab and we often borrow the laptop cart to publish our personal narratives during writing.
Class Jobs
Class jobs are posted for students to see.  Students rotate through the jobs each week.  They are responsible for helping our classroom run smoothly.
Meeting Area
Often we meet in a circle around our world map carpet. This carpet was donated to us through Donors Choose!  A lot of my modeling is done on the Smart Board. Students often gather on the carpet for whole group activities throughout the day.


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