Monday, July 6, 2020

Wonderful Woodpeckers

Today we learned about woodpeckers with Mother Goose Time's Birds and Worms kit.  This was a particularly fun day because we have been seeing families of woodpeckers on our nightly walks around the block.

The girls each created their own woodpeckers, which we later displayed on our bulletin board.  They stapled them right to the sides of the tree.

We read the cutest book about a woodpecker called Peck, Peck, Peck, by Lucy Cousins.

We played a board game called, Hungry Birds.  The girls took turns rolling the die and moving that many spaces.  They collected food cards each time they landed on bird food.  When one of the girls collected one of each food card, they won.  We are struggling with winning right now so to avoid a meltdown today we played as a team and when our whole group collected all the cards we all won as a team!

The girls practiced taping out rhythms with sticks we found in the back yard.  We tapped on tree trunks to imitate a woodpecker pecking.  The girls had a blast!

Check back soon to see what else we are doing with Mother Goose Time.

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