Sunday, July 5, 2020

Why I LOVE Mother Goose Time

These days I am loving my new found Mother Goose Time preschool program!

This spring was a juggling act to teach 4th grade to my students virtually, while teaching 1st and preschool at home to my daughters.  I needed a time saver, a program that was all inclusive, and that contained all the necessary materials and lessons I would need to execute it.

I also needed a program that I could use with both my 2 (almost 3) and 6 year old, since I would be teaching them at the same time.

While exploring First Book Marketplace I stumbled across a program that peeked my interest, Mother Goose Time.  I ordered three of their older kits (Science Lab, Alphabet Island, and Camping) and was immediately impressed.  Then I ordered three more kits on Experience Early Learning (Pond Life, Birds & Eggs, and Bugs & Crawly Things).  I'm having my girls pick each month which kit we explore.

Why do I love Mother Goose Time?  Here are my top 6 reasons for selecting this curriculum:

1.  The lessons are laid out in weekly books that make teaching simple and satisfying.

The graphics are beautiful and helpful in setting up each activity and craft.  Directions are written simply and don't require a lot of prep work to set up and execute.  Each activity is engaging and fun for my girls.  Not to mention, there are a million and one ways I can modify, adapt, and differentiate the curriculum for their different age levels.

2.  There is a strong literacy connection throughout each week.  Literacy skills are embedded in the music, books to read aloud and explore, individual books for emergent readers, and daily activities.

3.  Foundational math skills are built, and reviewed, with calendar time, STEM stations, included manipulatives, and the daily activities.

4.  The art project are fun, age appropriate, and stunning to display.

Art projects use a variety of mediums and aren't all cookie cutter.  They provide students with the necessary inspiration and materials to create their own unique art projects that align with each day's topic.

5.  Each theme incorporates sensory exploration, gross and fine motor skill development, and speech and language.  Each day touches upon necessary skills that both of my girls were previously working on through early intervention and special services.

6.  Mother Goose Time is perfect for my 2 and 6 year old.

The curriculum is developmentally appropriate for both my girls.  Each day hits on key curriculum that my 2 year old needs now and reviews previously learned skills that my 6 year old can practice.  Each theme and topic engages both girls and provides a spring board for both to learn and explore more throughout the day.

If you are looking for an amazing preschool curriculum, check out Mother Goose Time.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

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