Thursday, July 16, 2020

Outdoor Fun for Little Ones - Searching for Nature's Treasures

This week we are enjoying a little camping trip and have found so many fun ways to keep the girls busy and engaged while exploring nature's treasures outdoors.

Nat and Nora created little paper bag backpacks to wear on our nature hike (compliments of Mother Goose Time).

The girls traced their hands to glue to the sides of the bag.  They cut off the top and used it to create straps on the backside.  They used the scissors to cut hair at the top.  They added a face with markers and two wiggly eyes.  After they dried, they tried them on.

Nora thought her bag was a hat at first.  Oops!

We went for our hike through the campground and the girls gathered treasures inside their bags.  Natalie was focused on finding flowers, leaves, and stems while Nora looked mostly for rocks, sticks, acorns, and pinecones.

When we returned the girls laid their treasures out on the table and examined them.

Then we sorted them out on a tray by their properties.  The girls found some were soft, hard, long, short, round, rectangular, stick like, and many different colors.  They found a few more items nearby to add to the tray as we sorted.  Nat set some of her beautiful flowers aside.

I gave the girls some Playdough.  Nora decorated an island in the center of our tray.  She called the branches her trees.

Natalie created a family of bugs with the Playdough and her artifacts

How do you keep your little ones engaged while exploring the natural world around them?

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