Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Problem of the Day - Aligned with Engage NY's 4th Grade Math Module Application Problems

Do you use Engage NY's 4th Grade Math Modules?

If so, then I have a product that you will LOVE!

I rewrote each of Engage NY's Math Module Application Problems into 3 fun formats.

The Cut Out versions contain four of the same problem on one page.  Have students cut them out and paste them into their very own Problem of the Day Journal.

The full page layout contains just one problem per page with lots of work space for students to draw a picture or diagram, show their work, and write an answer statement.

Projectable pages are also included.  One slide contains the problem and work space.  Have a Smart Board?  Students can come up and show their peers how to solve the problem.  Then flip to the next slide to see another possible solution.

There are a million and one uses for Engage NY's Application Problems.  Engage NY suggests in their lessons that the Application Problem be completed right after that day's fluency activities and before the Concept Development.

This year, I plan on having students complete this daily problem in their Problem of the Day Journals for morning work.

 Not every lesson contains an Application Problem.  Sometimes I want to expand a lesson across 2 days, instead of just 1.  There isn't an Application Problem on review or test days.

But, I would still like students to complete a problem for morning work.

So, I created an add-on pack with 35 extra problems.  There are 5 problems for each of the 7 fourth grade modules.

You can purchase the Add On Pack here in my TPT store.

You can find an individual pack for each module here for FREE!

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