Sunday, August 21, 2016

Go Character Education - Teaching Positive Character Traits in the Classroom with a Pokemon-like Feel

Are your new students obsessed with Pokemon?

Would you like to teach your little monsters about positive character traits?

Are you hoping to infuse responsibility, respect, and gratefulness (just to name a few) into your classroom schedule?

Well, I have the perfect program for you!

I've created Go Character Ed, a character trait program to infuse positive character trait instruction throughout your day.

I've collected, created, and packaged together loads of resources for you:

- Read Aloud Lists
- Classroom Activity and Lesson Ideas

- Task Cards
- Bulletin Board Display Items
- Posters
- Bookmarks
- Wristbands
- Postcards/Notes Home
- Reward Certificates
- Tickets / Brag Tags
- Discussion / Scenario Cards
- Journal and Prompts

....and more!

Infuse character traits into your language arts centers with task cards that contain quick activities that students can complete independently, with partners, or in small groups.

Students can write and reflect on the traits in their own personal journals.  Print the cover on colored paper for a little extra flair.

Reward students for showcasing positive character traits, or simple remind them, with wristbands and bookmarks.

Fill your teaching toolbox with warm-ups and activities to explicitly teach the character traits to your students in small blocks of time.

Print off the tickets and pass them out to students as part of your behavior management system.  I plan to pass them out as our classroom currency earned for displaying role model behavior.  Students can collect them inside vending machine capsules that slightly resemble Pok√© Balls.  At the end of the week students will be able to exchange them for prizes.  The colorful ones could be laminated as Brag Tags.

 Each character trait will be available individually, or you can purchase them bundled together for a nice discount.

So far I have the following packs available:

- Responsible
- Respectful
- Grateful

Why wait, catch them all now!

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