Sunday, July 31, 2016

Prepare Your Classroom for the 2016 Presidential Election

Is your classroom prepared for the 2016 Presidential Election?

Bundle and Save with my 2016 Presidential Election Bundle.

This is a combination of 2 of my hot Election packs:

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump
Election Vocabulary Posters and Activities.

With these packs, you will get an article and paired passages to compare and contrast background information and viewpoints on various issues for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Students are also provided with graphic organizers and final copy paper to create and display persuasive letters as to which candidate they most support.

Print the vibrant posters in color or black and white to create a classroom display or word wall of all the important election vocabulary.

Provide students with mini dictionaries to keep track of all their new Election vocabulary words.

Use the playing cards for a quick matching game like Memory or glue them back to back to make flash cards for study.

Further practice these new Election vocabulary words with a matching worksheet, word search, and 4-square organizers.

Create trading cards for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Save 20% off individual pricing when you purchase the bundle!

How will you prepare your classroom for the 2016 Presidential Election?