Saturday, December 12, 2015

Zearn in Math

Do you use Engage NY's Math Modules (Eureka Math)?

Have you heard about Zearn yet?


Oh my.....let me tell you about an amazing gem buried in the trenches of common core math.


It is hard to find quality educational websites, games, activities, and videos that align with Engage NY's Math Modules for Common Core Math.

However, Zearn is a new site that will make learning fun both inside and outside of your classroom.....

....and did I's FREE?!?!?!?!?

Yes, ladies and gentleman!  FREE!!!!!!!!

Use it on your computers, use it on your iPads, just use it.  Give it a try.

Zearn walks students through each lesson beginning with fun and fast paced fluency practice.

Next, it gives video examples and explanations for how to solve problems that are kid friendly and engaging, it provides students with virtual manipulatives that students can use to solve complex problems.

Zearn walks students through each problem, providing them immediate feedback, and additional problems to try if they are struggling.

You can sign in as a whole class and project the days lesson for all to see on your Smart Board.  Or, you can create an individual account for each child in your class and they can progress through the lessons at their own speed, or you can assign them a specific lesson to try.

Zearn is great for the flipped classroom.  Students can walk through the lesson at home and then you can practice and review the concepts in class.

Zearn is great for centers during a guided math design.  Students can be split into small groups and they can rotate between working through the lesson on Zearn using a laptop or tablet, they can play fun games, complete other stations, and then meet with you.

Zearn can be used to review for the mid-module and end-module assessments.

Zearn can be used for a student who was absent and missed the day's lessons.  They can work through the lesson from home, and on their own time.

Or...for sub plans.  The software can be manipulated with ease and will walk students (and the sub) through the day's lesson accurately.

Zearn is AMAZING!!!

If you use Engage NY's Math Modules (Eureka Math) then you should give Zearn a try.

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