Monday, August 10, 2015

Math Problem Solving Journals for Engage NY's Math Module Application Problems

Do you use Engage NY's Math Modules?

We use them in my 4th grade classroom.

I love the Application Problems that are included with almost every lesson.  They are great for spiral review and help students to prepare for the NYS test.

However, the modules do not include worksheets for the application problems...and they take a lot of time to write out.

So, I decided that this year I wanted each of my students to have their own Problem Solving Journal.

Every day students will glue their Application Problem to the top of their page.  They will solve the problem independently.  Then I will have them discuss their solutions and answers with a table partner.  Lastly, I will call a few students up to the Smart Board to model how they solved the problem.

I have been working hard all weekend to finalize the materials for this and to publish them so that you can use them too....for FREE!

 Don't have time for cutting and pasting?  I've also created a whole page version.  You can print them individually.  Or, print them in a little booklet that students pull out each day.

You can download all the Application Problems for the 4th Grade Math Module 1 here in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

It includes each Module 1 Application Problem in 3 versions:
- 4 of the same problem on 1 page (to cut out and glue into journals)
- 1 problem on each page (to print individually or in a booklet)
- A colorful / projectable file with answers
As well as name tags for your Problem of the Day Journals, if you choose to make them.

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Happy Monday!


ES said...

This is AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing these.

My Bright Blue House

lindsay said...

Thank you so much for this valuable resource! My students will definitely benefit from this!

Jennifer said...

I don't use Engage NY yet, but I will definitely have to keep this in mind as my team explores it.

Unknown said...

These are great I am gonna use them this year for their morning work and then go over it during math. I downloaded Module 1-3 are you going to be doing all the modules?