Monday, July 20, 2015

Random Printable Fun for Monday Made It

Summer is flying by.  These last few weeks have been a complete whirlwind.  Between selling our house, switching school districts, and everything in-between.  Sometimes the best choice, is all of the choices and I have certainly chosen it all.  So, it is in the wee hours of Sunday night that I am creating, pinning, printing, laminating, and prepping some amazing Monday Made It's to share with you. 

I love these printable posters from Digital Divide and Conquer.  

I downloaded two different sets of posters: How to be a Friend and All About Respect.  These will look wonderful in my new fourth grade classroom.  I love the light blue color on the friend's poster.  Some of the walls in my new classroom are light blue.

You can download them for free on TPT.  Be sure to leave some fab feedback.

 I love the Total Participation Mastery Cards that Teacher's Desk 6 shared.

These will assist students in being active participants during whole group and small group activities.  They will provide me with a wonderful assessment tool during various lessons.

I stuck all of them together on the same ring for easy access.

I can't wait to try them out!

Last but not least, after many request, I finally caved and began creating review packs for Engage NY's 3rd grade Math Modules!!!

You can download the first and second module review packs for third grade here.

Looking for fourth grade?  You can find them here.

Check out all the other Monday Made It's at Tara's blog, Fourth Grade Frolics.

What have you been working on this summer?


janiefahey said...

Wow! You've been busy. I love those inspirational posters. Everything looks great!
Are We There Yet?

Megan said...

Thank you for the "How to be a FRIEND" posters! I don't have any wall space for your cute posters, but my classroom is right across from the lunch room and will be great outside my room. Now the whole school will enjoy it and hopefully learn something about friendship (as they wait forever in the lunch line). THANK YOU!

cmw4 said...

Thanks for the attaching the posters!! I tried printing them and the T on respect prints with a large black line across the you have any suggestions?

ES said...

You will have to let us know how the response cards on the ring work out. I am trying to decide if I want to print sets of them out like you or just keep the different kinds of responses together.

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Anonymous said...
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