Sunday, July 26, 2015

BIC Back to School Giveaway!

Does your school teach handwriting?

BIC is on a mission to save handwriting through its Fight For Your Write initiative.  This initiative aims to educate everyone about the importance of writing by hand, and providing parents and educators with information, activities, and supplies that encourage and inspire writing.

By taking the pledge at you can help join their crusade as well - for every signature collected, BIC will donate a pen or pencil to students in need across the country through their partnership with

That's right!

BIC products have always been my favorite.  (...and no, they did not pay me to say that.)  I always stock up on BIC supplies over the summer in anticipation of the new school year.

Have you seen their new Back to School Products?  BIC has some amazing things in store for the new school year:

BIC®Xtra-Fun #2 Pencil
This is the only #2 pencil around that has two-toned color barrels.  I love the ultra-solid, break resistant lead that sharpens easily.  The latex-free erasers erase with ease.  It's hard to find pencils that are this durable.

BIC® Xtra-Craze Mechanical Pencil
Mechanical pencils are always a huge hit with my fourth graders.  These fun designs come in a four-pack and would make amazing birthday treats.

BIC® Cristal Stylus
This stylus will give you the best of both worlds!  One end features a lightweight stylus that easily glides across your classroom tablets.  The other end is an iconic BIC Cristal pen!  I want to keep this one just for myself, hidden in my teacher bag!  It will help cut back on all the fingerprints on my Smartphone screen.

BIC Atlantis® Ultra Comfort Pen
My husband loves how smoothly these pens write, and now they come in colors that I enjoy:  gray, pink, aqua, and blue barrels with black and blue ink.  I love the soft silicone grip that conforms to your hand.  These are perfect for lesson planning or writing long notes.

....and I've saved the BEST for LAST:

BIC Brite Liner® Erasable Highlighter
These contain a highlighter on one end and an erasing ink tip on the other end for fast and easy edits.  I want a whole class set of these.  How perfect are they?

Do you ever have students highlight like this?

You turn your back for one second and then realize they have highlighted ... every ... single ... word?

No problem!

Now they can erase the extra highlighting that they do not need.

They can erase any mistakes that they make.

Are you interested in trying out BIC's new Back to School Product line for yourself?  Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to snag all of these new products!

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Good luck!


Unknown said...

I will use the Bic products for writing. We adopted the IEW program. They encouraged writing by hand with pens.

Anonymous said...

My students will use the BIC materials in their interactive notebooks!

Anonymous said...

Many of my students do not bring their own supplies to school. It would be amazing to win this to take the financial burden to purchase the necessary supplies for them off of me.

Unknown said...

4th Grade is the year for focusing on writing and cursive! Learning is more interactive and retain able when you add color and spark. My student could put these amazing materials to work on a daily bases. We would love to have these as an addition to our work space. Thanks for considering us for this amazing opportunity. Kayla

Unknown said...

These items will be used in the classroom for reading and writing assignments and centers and also for their journals and notebooks. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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