Sunday, May 17, 2015

ATB Challenge - Week 9

Welcome back blogging buddies for week 9 of our ATB Challenge!

Every Sunday I will be posting a new challenge for you to try out.   Each challenge will be geared toward eradicating teacher burnout in the long run.  Challenges consist of simple activities, or suggestions, that will encourage a healthy lifestyle, stress-free living, and positive thinking that will benefit you both inside and outside of the classroom.

Here is your Week 9 Challenge: 

Each morning upon waking, during the day if you are starting to feel tension and stress, or in the evening before bed.....stretch.

Stretching not only increases the range of movement in your joints, but enhances muscular coordination, increases circulation, increases energy levels, and reduces tension and stress.

Having a rough day?

Stretch it out a little bit.

Feeling down in the dumps?

Stretch it out a little bit.

Lacking energy to get through your day.

No, don't buy a cappuccino....stretch it out a little bit.

Try it out, just a few minutes of stretching here and there.

Tune in next Sunday for Week 10.

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