Sunday, May 10, 2015

ATB Challenge - Week 8

Welcome back blogging buddies for week 8 of our ATB Challenge!

Every Sunday I will be posting a new challenge for you to try out.   Each challenge will be geared toward eradicating teacher burnout in the long run.  Challenges consist of simple activities, or suggestions, that will encourage a healthy lifestyle, stress-free living, and positive thinking that will benefit you both inside and outside of the classroom.

Here is your Week 8 Challenge: 

What is a R.A.K you ask?

R.A.K. stands for a Random Act of Kindness.

You know, when you do something random to brighten someone else's day, and in turn, it brightens your own day too.

So what should you do?  Try something off this list...


I adore Kid President.  When ever you need a powerful little pep talk check out his videos.

What random acts of kindness are you going to try?

Tune in next Sunday for Week 9.

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