Friday, February 27, 2015

MobyMax in the Classroom Review & GIVEAWAY

Have you heard of MobyMax?

MobyMax is an amazing program that students can access to practice Common Core aligned K-8 curriculum that is differentiated based on their acquired skills and needs.

"Moby Curriculum teaches students to be better problem solvers, critical thinkers, and creative geniuses with thousands of cognitive skill manipulatives. Moby has students think and discover rather than just be told." - MobyMax Website 

I love how students can access MobyMax on classroom computers and/or classroom tablets.

It's the first touch curriculum made for a tablet!  You can't find anything else like it!

MobyMax provides the classroom teacher with formative assessment that drives great instruction.  The program allows you to monitor student progress in real time so that you know exactly how each student is performing.  You can analyze data for all Common Core standards by student, class, school, and district.

My students are loving MobyMax.  It is a fun test prep option, great during center rotations, and useful across the curriculum!

Want to give MobyMax a try?  Enter to win a free subscription of MobyMax for your classroom!

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Good luck and check back for a second giveaway over the weekend!

1 comment:

Markisha said...

I would use this for remediation, enrichment,and for EOG test prep!