Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tips for Implementing Engage NY's Math Modules in 60 Minutes

Are you struggling to adapt or adopt Engage NY's math modules?  You are not alone....and these tips may help!

Last year, my school adopted Engage NY's Math Modules (Eureka Math).  This is my second year teaching the 4th grade Math Modules.  I am frequently asked how I manage to squeeze in a whole module in 60 minutes.  Trust me, it is hard...and there really is no short answer for how to make it work.  However, here are a few tips to make implementing the math modules easier in 4th grade:

**Clipart in the image above is from Krista Wallden and Ramona Maidis***

Break up the Lesson - If the whole module lesson from Application Problem to Exit Ticket seems overwhelming to both you and your students try breaking it up.  Complete half the lesson before lunch or special and half after.  Try completing the fluency during morning meeting.  Activities like skip counting can be done while lining up throughout the day.  Sprints sometimes fit perfectly between the awkward break between lunch and recess.

I have students keep a Problem of the Day Journal for the Application Problems.  You can download them for free here.

Use Exit Tickets for Review - Rather than use an Exit Ticket to assess students daily, use a problem or two from the Problem Set to look over after each lesson and save the Exit Ticket to review for the Mid-Module and End-Module Assessments.  The modules (as of now) don't contain any review materials to prepare for their tests.  However, the Exit Tickets are short and sweet.  Combine a few to create a review packet or use the questions to make a class Jeopardy game!

Highlight Problems - Does the Problem Set take your students too long to complete?  Do they struggle with the front side and have little to no time to complete the back side?  Highlight the problems you'd like them to focus on.  If they finish early, they can always go back and work on the rest.  This way students get a variety of problems to solve.  No time to highlight?  Write down the letter or numbers you want students to complete on your whiteboard.  Don't skip the word problems at the end.  Chances are, those are the problems that will best prepare your students for the state test.

Send Home Problem Set Answer Keys - Are your parents confused as to how to complete this "new math"?  Download the Word document of the lesson from Engage NY's website.  Copy and paste the Problem Set Answer Keys from the teacher directions.  I like to enlarge them, print & copy them, and send them home in a packet for parents to use to assist students with their homework.

Prepare the Concept Development Problems in Advance - Look over the lesson ahead of time, select which problems you would like students to focus on, and create a Power Point or a Smart Notebook file with the problems.  That way, when you teach, the problems are already written out for you and you won't have to hold on to the script and continually refer back to it.  Teachers Pay Teachers has a wealth of pre-made resources that you can use.

Last, but not least, make it fun!  Add some review games or keep a record of student math knowledge with an Interactive Notebook.  Don't be afraid to add, modify, or tweak the curriculum to best meet your individual students' needs.  After all, you know them best!

What other tips do you have for making the Math Modules more user friendly and easy to implement?


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Val V said...

I just found your post. Our district is implementing EngageNY Math this year. I also teach 4th grade. Thanks for your tips.