Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Hair, New Clothes, New Attitude: Stitch Fix Review #3

The infamous back-to-school season is finally upon us.  My classroom is clean, organized, and ready for 22 amazing 4th graders who will arrive for the first time next week....and I am spruced up as well with new hair, new clothes (Stitch Fix of course) and a new attitude!  I am looking and feeling confident, ready to take on the new school year with class and a little sass.

My 3rd Stitch Fix box arrived last week and words can not describe my excitement.

I had asked again for a variety of colors and patterns.  I hoped for dresses, shirts, and cardigans that would be comfy, cute, yet professional.  

Here is what I got in my 3rd Fix:

41Hawthorn Beatrice Exposed Zipper Dolman Top - $58
First off, I love 41Hawthorn. The only place you can find their clothes is through Stitch Fix.  I received a similar Dolman Top previously but returned it because I didn't like the cream color.  This top looks much better in black.  Ugh, darker colors are much more forgiving on me.

This top has 3/4 sleeves and a cute little zipper on the back.  The zipper adds a little pi-zazzle.

Final verdict - KEPT!

Next on the list . . .

Papermoon Tina Striped Open Cardigan - $28

Yes, you read that correct folks, $28 for a Stitch Fix cardigan!  Can you believe it?  I don't have any cardigans that are this color, or that have stripes so this piece caught my eye immediately.

The fabric is light weight.  The sleeves felt a little tight at first but upon reviewing the photos of myself wearing it, I think it looks just fine.

Final Verdict - KEPT!

The 3rd piece I pulled out of the box was . . .

Gilli Nikky Striped Faux Wrap Jersey Dress - $58

I loved this dress immediately.  Navy looks great on me, the stripes were cute.  The fabric was soft.

Once I put it on I - DID - NOT want to take it off.  Not only is this dress extremely comfortable but it is form fitting, dressy enough to wear to school, and relaxing enough to keep wearing once at home.  Heck, I would sleep in this thing if my husband wouldn't think it were weird. 

Final Verdict - KEPT!  (Of course!!!)

My fourth stitch fix piece was . . .

41Hawthorn Breyson Split-Neck Tab-Sleeve Knit Top - $48

This bright pink caught my immediately.  The fabric is soft and clings a little so I chose to wear a tank top underneath.  It is comfortable yet professional enough to wear to school. It is cute and modest.

I absolutely adore the sleeves on this top.  There is a little button that blends in so you can choose to roll the sleeves up on a warm day, or leave them down if it gets colder.

Final Verdict - KEPT!!!

Last but not least, my fifth piece was . . . 

Gilli Madyson Chevron Print Maxi Dress - $74

This maxi dress is absolutely gorgeous.  I love how the top is black and form fitting and the bottom has a cute pattern and is wavy and relaxed.

I usually try to find dresses with pockets and longer sleeves so that I can hide my Omnipod Insulin Pump and my Dexcom Glucose Monitor.  However, now that I've had Type 1 Diabetes for a little over 2 years I am becoming more confident and more of an advocate. You wouldn't believe how many people see a tubeless insulin pump and have NO CLUE what it is.  Well, check out my amazing Stitch Fix dress and the insulin pump.  Now you know!

Final Verdict?  - KEPT!!!

So, if you've made it through my entire post then you'll have noticed that YES,  I KEPT IT ALL!  I guess it's true, 3rd times the charm!

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My next Fix is scheduled to arrive on my birthday!  Interested in trying Stitch Fix out for yourself?  The best birthday present you could give me would be to use my referral link here!

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JoAnn said...

3rd time does seem to be the charm! I loved all these clothes! Cute hair too!! Have fun with your new students! Thanks for linking up :-)

Jessica said...

Okay . . . what settings do you have on your stitch fix? I never seem to get as cute stuff as that! So awesome!

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