Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How Do You Review for Engage NY Module Assessments?

Do you use Engage NY's Math Modules?

How do you review for the Mid-Module and End-Module Assessments?

How do you prepare students for State Assessments?

Last year was the first year my district adopted Engage NY's 4th Grade Math Modules.  Although I was skeptical at first, the modules proved to be a wonderful math program.  You can download the lessons, worksheets, and assessments for FREE on Engage NY's website.

However, the one thing the modules lack (in my opinion) is review materials.

I spent a whole school year creating materials to use for small group instruction, needs groups, and review for various assessments throughout the year.

This summer, I've begun packaging my creations for you to use too!

Each pack has taken me about 2 months to complete.  So far, I've created a pack for Module 1:  Place Value, Addition, & Subtraction and Module 3:  Multiplication & Division.

Here is a little peek at my Module 1 Review pack. . .

Teacher directions are included.  Print them out and pop them into a binder for safe keeping.

I created a multiple choice and short response worksheet for each topic in the module.  I use these for . . .

- needs groups
- morning work
- AIS support
- extra credit

I also have 2 Mid-Module and End-Module review worksheets.  I use one for whole group review.  It provides me with an opportunity for modeling and guided practice with students.  I use the 2nd version for independent work or homework the night before an assessment.

I love to incorporate games as often as possible.  They provide students with an opportunity to collaborate with peers and study previously learned concepts while having fun.  I have 12 playing cards for each topic.  I put them out for students to use during center rotations after the completion of each topic.  I lease these out throughout the rest of the school year for continuous review and preparation for the State Test.

I love giving students the opportunity to move around the room.  Another way I help students review for our assessments is with an activity called Around the Room.  I simply print out the problem cards and place them around the room.  Students grab a clipboard and move around to each problem while solving them on their worksheet.   I have one for Mid-Module and End-Module review.

For Mid-Module review I've created a Tic-Tac-Toe Power Point game to play as a whole class.  I divide students into two teams, Xs and Os.  They select a problem, solve it on white boards, and select a spokesperson to share the answer.  If they answer correctly, they place an X or O in the box.  The first team to get 3 in a row wins.  If no one gets 3 in a row the team with the most correct answers wins.

I have a Jeopardy-ish game for End Module review.  I split students into smaller teams and they select a question to solve.  If they answer correctly they earn the corresponding points.  These games are an engaging way to review previously learned concepts.

You can snag the Module 1 Review Pack and the Module 3 Review Pack in my TPT store.

How do you review for math assessments?

****July 2015 UPDATE:  All fourth grade module review packs are complete and can be purchased here.  I have begun creating third grade module review packs.  Check them out here.


Jessica said...

Will you be creating this Review Pack for the rest of the modules (2,4,5,6,7)?

Jennifer Jasewicz said...

Definitely! I am almost done with the review pack for Module 2. Then I will start working on Module 4. I will be creating one for each 4th grade math module!

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Jessica said...

TY! I bought Mod 1 and am looking forward to getting the others soon!

Jessica said...
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Christyyynna said...

Do you know when you will have Module 4 ready? I love these review packs and have recommended them to so many teachers in my district!!