Monday, July 14, 2014

Student Reflection Turn-In Bins for Monday Made-It

I've spent the last few days foraging through Pinterest in hopes to find some unique ways to help my classroom to become more organized and for my students to become more self-reflective, independent, and accountable for their learning.

One of the amazing pins I stumbled across was from A Classy Collaboration's blog.  Ciera mentions the struggle of knowing (while grading papers at home) whether or not students did not try their hardest, or truly didn't understand the concepts taught.  It is important to provide students with opportunities to reflect upon their work before turning it in.

I really liked her "reflection station" and wanted to create one of my own.  So, here are my Student Reflection Turn-In Bins and Poster.

Want a copy for yourself?  Snag a free copy here in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Check out all the other creative projects on Tara's blog 4th Grade Frolics.

Happy Monday!


Alison Rose said...

My kids already use highlighters to make sure they have written their name and number, but I like this idea even more to check for understanding. Definitely going to try this out! Thanks for the step by steps and pictures. That is always much more helpful when trying to implement ideas into the classroom.
Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

Sara B said...

I love your check for understanding system. Going to send a teacher buddy your way.
Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

Lori Rosenberg said...

This is brilliant! I would like to do this! Thanks for sharing the idea!

April Walker said...

The idea of having them turn them into separate bins is such a genius solution. So quick and easy to see.

~April Walker
The Idea Backpack
Balancing the Backpack

Susan K. said...

I love this idea - plus, it would cut back on overdue/missing papers because the kids pass them in, and you know right away who needs extra help. Thanks for the great idea!

The Teacher's Desk 6 said...

This is a GREAT idea! Now, if I can find bins... hmmm? Sounds like a shopping trip ooming up! LOL!


Mary Dressel said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I have students turn in papers by their class number, which helps a lot with grading, but will definitely find a way to incorporate having them color code their papers, or maybe certain problems, before turning in.

Elementary AMC said...

What a great idea! I was thinking of going to the highlighting system this year but this adds student accountability - I love it. Thank you so much for sharing.

Foreman Teaches said...

This is a fabulous idea! Having students turn their work into the different bins will make it s easy for me to quickly pull the students who need more assistance. You sign is adorable, too.