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Stitch Fix Review 1 - July 2014

I received my 1st Fix today . . . Stitch Fix that is.  I loved the experience of receiving my own personalized Fix so much that I wanted to share it with you.  Stitch Fix did not ask me to review their product, I just wanted to pass the experience along to you!

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?  Stitch Fix is an fabulous fashion retail company that assigns you a personal stylist who handpicks you a "Fix" of 5 clothing items and accessories (based on your style profile) and delivers them right to your front door.  Each Fix is customized to your unique taste, budget, and lifestyle.

You are not obligated to purchase anything, shipping is FREE, and the initial $20 you pay when you schedule your first fix is deducted from the price of any items you purchase.

No time to shop?  No problem!  Schedule your Fix and 5 amazing pieces, picked just for you, will arrive at your door for you to try on in the convenience of your own home. 

My box arrived beautifully wrapped and I had a personalized letter addressed to me from my new personal stylist.  Here is the letter I received from the magnificent Megumi.  I love how she mentioned specifics from my Pinterest page and my style profile!

When I scheduled my Fix I mentioned the following:
  1. I want fun, yet conservative and comfortable outfits that I can wear to school since I am a 4th grade teacher.
  2. I do not wear high heels or earrings....sorry!
  3. I would love dresses or skirts but they need to have pockets so that I can keep my continuous glucose monitor close since I have Type 1 Diabetes.

Here is what I got:

Al Linen Wide Leg Pants by Sanctuary - $128

I absolutely LOVE these pants.  The fabric is extremely comfortable and the pockets are nice and deep.  The drawstring is perfect in case I finally loose a few more pounds of post-baby weight.  Just tie it tight and you'll be alright.  I want to keep these very badly.  However, they are about 4 inches too long and I only wear flats.  I tried them on with a pair of my old high school bulky heels just to check the length and they were still dragging on the floor.  If I kept these I would definitely have to hem them shorter and I'm just not willing to do that for the price.  I would love to purchase a pair of these exact same pants....only shorter!

Final verdict - Sent back!

Ivy Crochet Back Tab-Sleeve Blouse by Market and Spruce - $68

My initial thought upon pulling this little gem out of the box was, "Wow, this shade of turquoise is amazing and the details on the back are very unique."  The color definitely pops and my pale skin looks much better with a little (or a lot) of color.  The back of the shirt has a floral, see-through pattern so you definitely have to wear a tank top under this shirt.  I love the 3/4 sleeves, even though they don't stay up very well.  I could unbutton the sleeves and wear this as a long sleeve shirt.  The fabric on the front of the shirt is a little too sheer and was not very forgiving of my post-baby belly.  Maybe after I complete the Insanity Workout Challenge it will look a little better.  It is definitely my style.  What do you think?

Final Verdict - Still undecided!

Aleah V-Neck Solid Doman Sleeve Shirt from Pomelo - $48

I loved the fit of this shirt.  It's baggy on top and then form fitting around my waist.  The sleeves are 3/4 length which is perfect for hiding my Omnipod Insulin Pump when I wear it on my arm.  The neckline was the perfect size and not too revealing.  My only issue is the color.  I wish that it was blue, green, or burgundy.  I'm just not digging the off-white.  Hello armpit stains....yuck!

Final verdict - Sent back!

Trixie Dot Print Pants by Sweet Rain - $28

I'm not going to lie, I giggled a little upon pulling these out of the box.  I've never seen a pair of pants quite like these.  The fabric reminded me of pajama pants.  They were comfy, however, I can't picture myself wearing these anywhere except to bed and I don't really care to be fashionable there.  My biggest problem was that they were tight around my ankles.  I like pants with wider legs or a little flare.

I don't know, maybe they aren't so bad....just not my style.

Final Verdict - Sent back!

Jeana 3/4 Sleeve Surplice Front Geo Dress by 41Hawthorn - $78

Ahhhh....I have saved my FAVORITE for last.  This is a pattern that I would never have picked out in the store.  It makes me dizzy just looking at it on the computer screen.  However, as soon as I tried it on it won my heart.

First off, it not only has a string around the waist, but it also has pockets.  That's right, a dress with pockets.  Finally a place to store my meter.
 Plus, with 3/4 sleeves and a fun, darker pattern how could I resist?

Final verdict - KEPT!!!

So, how did I do?  Do you agree with what I kept and with what I sent back?

Stitch Fix

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JoAnn said...

Thanks for linking up! Great pick on the black and white dress. I love the turquoise top as well. That detailing of crochet in the back makes me want it!