Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fun Beach Themed Day

Friday was our last full day of school so we decided to celebrate with a fun beach themed day.

Students spent the day participating in various beach themed activities!

Upon arriving, students greeted each other by saying, "Aloha."  They gave each other a colorful Hawaiian Leis.  I got a 6-pack of Leis at the Dollar Tree for $1.00.  What a steal of a deal.

Outside we played a fun game of Octopus Tag.  Students would line up on one side of the field.  One student was selected to be the Octopus.  They would try to tag students as they would race to the opposite side of the field.  Students who were it had to sit in the ocean (the middle of the field) and assisted the octopus in tagging other students.  Last student standing won and became the new octopus.

Have you tried GoNoodle yet?  GoNoodle has lots of child friendly brain breaks.  Today we danced to Wipeout and Surf's Up.

I actually stole this idea from Thursday's Field Day but it fit right in with our beach theme.  Students dressed up in scuba gear, life jackets, held a fishing pole, and then raced to the finish line.  Have you ever ran with fins on your feet?  Forget running, I can barely walk with them on.

Students brought beach towels, sunglasses, and a good book and read outside along the creek in the warm sun!

After a long and fun filled day students sat down to enjoy a crazy, cool, colorful treat:  Sweet Philly Swirl Italian Ice.  They loved the various flavors and delicious candy sticks to dip in it.

Lastly, students ended the day by blowing up a beach ball, grabbing a permanent marker color of their choice, and autographing each other's beach balls.

Graphics and background for this post are from the lovely Krista Wallden.

How do you celebrate the end of the school year?


Forever in Fifth Grade said...

What fabulous ideas for a fun last day of school! It looks like you had beautiful weather too. I bet your kids had a blast!

Forever in Fifth Grade

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