Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Fractions Notebook is Finally Complete! Pin to Win!

Yippee!!!  My Fractions Interactive Notebook is finally completed and posted to TPT.  It will be discounted $2 until Friday night (or until I remember to change it back).

It best follows Engage NY's Module 5.  I did not create a notebook page for each lesson, but there is one for each topic taught and it is organized in the order the module has us teach them.

Here are some sample pages from the teacher directions.

Want a free copy?  Pin my notebook and leave a comment below that includes the URL for the pin, your name, and email address!  I'll randomly select 1 winner for every 3 comments I receive.  Winners will be announced Friday.


Kelly said...


I am starting to plan for math now for next year. This will be great!

Kim Valera said... is the URL.
I'm Kim, and I'm starting to think about math for next year, seeing as how I will more than likely be self-contained next year. My email is Thanks for sharing!

Ursula said...

Looks awesome. So darn cute! Here's my pin
I would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

Susan K. said...


I pinned your new product:

This is a phenomenal product because fractions are a difficult concept.

Anonymous said...

Your interactive math journal looks amazing. I LOVE all the colorful visuals! What a great to engage students give them something helpful that they can always refer back to.

Here is my pin:

Amy Decker

Anonymous said...
This looks awesome! This is such an exciting way to involve students while teaching fractions.
Dawn B

Lauren Tristan said...

Love this! I have such a difficult time with fractions... which translates into my teaching- yikes! I have pinned this for a few reasons. 1) so my team partners can see it 2) cause there are some great ideas I want to remember 3) for a chance to win this!!

here is the url where i've pinned this.

Thanks for sharing!

Nicky said...

This looks great!
Nicky Guidry

Liz Diniz said...

I haven't see decomposing fractions before CC and I love that you have it in your notebook.

Liz Diniz

Toni Nicholson said...

Thank you!
Toni Nicholson

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