Thursday, January 2, 2014

Interactive Notebook for Geometry and Angle Measurement Finally Posted

It's been a little while but I finally completed and posted my Common Core Aligned Math Detective Notebook for Geometry & Angle Measurement.  It lines up with Engage NY's Module 4 for fourth grade and contains all the printables and foldables you'll need to meet the geometry & angle measurement common core standards.  It also includes photographs of finished notebook pages to use as a teacher's guide and a quick print version to save on paper and time.

Here are a few quick pictures showing some of the pages you can create with the resources in this pack.

I've combined all my Common Core Aligned Math Detective Notebook packs together so that you can purchase them for a discounted rate....20% off.  You can purchase them here in my TPT store.

Plus, as I create new notebook files for math I will continue to add them to this file.  That way if you own this file you can download it again to receive the new notebook file for free.  I've been creating these as Engage NY posts their modules.  My best guess is that fractions will be next!

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