Monday, October 28, 2013

Math Workshop

Here's a quick peek at our math workshop this year.

Our district has adopted Engage NY's Math Modules.  These modules have scripted teacher talk, fluency, review of previously learned concepts, concept development with teacher modeling, guided & independent practice, quick checks for each lesson, and assessments.

Each day, the module takes up at least an hour of our time.  To make the module more manageable, I have moved the application problem to be completed as morning work and discussed at our morning meeting and the fluency practice to be completed during our brief 10 minute break in-between specials and lunch.

After the module, students record what they have learned in their interactive math notebook.  For the first module I used the quick print version to save time.  I am now out on maternity leave. However, when I return, I plan on having students create a math notebook like this.

You can find my math notebook materials here at my TPT store.

After recording our new learning into our notebooks, I have students complete the quick check for the day.  I use this as a dipstick to assess their learning.

When the quick check is complete, students move on to math centers.  This provides me with some time to pull needs groups and work with individual students.

We use a center wheel for math centers.  Each students has been placed into a different colored group.  They look at the center wheel each day to determine which center they are responsible for.

Since taking this picture, I've had to switch the Smart Table center for a Mystery center since the Smart Table is currently out of commission.

This year we have started out with the following centers:

Computer - Students start out with practicing their math facts with the program XtraMath and then move on to reviewing important concepts with games and practice questions on Study Island.

Math Facts - Students practice their math fact fluency with a variety of materials and games.  The most popular are our hot dot pens, flashcards, electronic math fact triangles, and a board game called Math Dash.

Smart Board - I have received a variety of educational software from Donors Choose.  My favorite are these Smart Board games from Lakeshore Learning.

Mystery - Each week our mystery center changes.  I usually use this as a review of previously learned concepts.  This center usually contains a project, craft, sorting activity, partner activity, or game.  Here is an example of an ordering numbers display students created during their mystery center last year.

Game - Our game center usually focuses on a skill learned throughout the week.  Many of our games have also come from Lakeshore Learning as a donation through Donors Choose, like this one that focuses on place value.

Identifying Place Value Games

Brain Teasers - Last but not least, we have a variety of brain teaser activities that students use to develop their problem solving skills.  I usually have students work on these activities independently.

What does math workshop look like in your classroom?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Setting Goals for a Productive School Year

Each year I have my fourth graders set goals.  We revisit and revise them frequently throughout the year.  This year, after inspiration from a Pinterest Pic from Teaching Idea Factory I decided to have students post their goals in the hallway.

I took photographs of each child making a thoughtful face.

They cut them out and pasted them to some colorful paper.  They wrote their goal for the school year on a thought bubble and glued that onto the paper as well.

This made a cute display for open house.  Do you have students set goals for the school year?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The MonStore Freebie

I love monsters.  Each year, as Halloween quickly approaches, I hold a monster mash party in my classroom.

This year I found a fun new book to add to our repertoire:  The MonStore by Tara Lazar.

This book is about a boy named Zack who wants to purchase a monster from a store called the MonStore to scare his sister out of his bedroom. 

I created some reading and writing activities to go along with this book.  You can find them here in my TPT store.

I also created a fun math worksheet freebie for you.  Download it here.

Want more monster fun?  Check out last year's blog post about our Monster Mash fun!

Purchase my other monster theme items here.

Have a Marvelous Monstrous Day!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Products Posted and TPT Flash Sale

I wanted to take a moment to give you an up close and personal peak at two (kinda) new items in my TPT store:

My Iroquois Unit and my Common Core Aligned Interactive Math Notebook for Multiplication and Division!

My Iroquois Unit contains lesson plans, reading passages, worksheets, activities, vocabulary posters, quizzes, rubrics and more.

 Take a look at what's included.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

My Common Core Aligned Math Detective Notebook for Multiplication and Division lines up with Engage NY's Module 3 for fourth grade.  It contains all the printables and foldables you'll need to meet the Multiplication and Division Common Core Standards as well as photographs of finished notebook pages to use as a teacher's guide, and a quick print version to save on paper and time.

Here is a quick peak at a few of the notebook pages you can create with this pack.

You can also purchase my notebook pack for Place Value and for Metric Measurement.  I'm just beginning to work on one for Fractions as well and hope to have it up in my store in a few weeks.

You can snag both of my new products, plus many more, ON SALE now at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

Teachers Pay Teachers is holding a flash sale.  Enter code FB100K at check out to receive an additional 10% off your purchase!  As a special October treat, I'm offering an additional 10% off all items in my store! 

Hurry before the sale ends!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Currently October

October has finally arrived.  It is one of my favorite months of the year....the cool fall breeze, hot apple cider and donuts, pumpkin picking, the works!  And with a new month brings a new Currently!

I love personal white boards.  They keep students engaged during whole group and small group instruction and allow the teacher to see quickly what students know (or what they need support with).

However, this year our district purchased new materials and manipulatives to use with the Engage NY Math Modules.  I am loving these Reusable Dry Erase Pockets that my district purchased from School Specialty.  We have been using them the most during whole group math instruction.  You can slip a place value chart or number line inside.  What a great manipulative and HUGE time saver during our lessons.

See....focused, engaged, and happy!

Due to my high risk pregnancy, I have been closely monitored these last few weeks with twice a week appointments.  I have had weekly ultrasounds since 32 weeks (Monday I hit 34) but sweet baby Natalie has continually hidden her face from the camera.  Until birthday!  She decided to give me a wonderful birthday surprise and peeked out for a brief moment.  Just long enough for the ultrasound tech to snap a picture of her adorable face before she squirmed away.

Only a few more weeks until I get to meet her.  October is sure to be an exciting month!  Link up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for more Currently fun.