Monday, September 2, 2013


Oh my, I can't believe yesterday was the first day of September.  September is by far my FAVORITE month.  I love the cool, crisp fall air as it starts to blow in.  I love seeing the leaves changes colors.  And, I love the back to school rush!

With the first of the month, comes Farley's Currently!

Tomorrow we have a conference day and Wednesday is our first day with students.  The back to school butterflies have been fluttering in my belly at full force and my nights have been full of wacky first day dreams.  Fingers crossed that this will be the best year yet!


Unknown said...

Hello. Have a great first week of school.

Jennifer Laffin said...

It's amazing how school creeps into our dreams, isn't it?

Have a great week!
Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

FabandFunin4th! said...

Good luck with your first day back to school!