Wednesday, July 10, 2013

...and this year's back to school theme is...

I'm pleased to announce my theme for this upcoming school year!

It's o'fish'ally fish!

I found these adorable fish name tags, cut outs, notepads, and more at Carson-Dellosa.  They have arrived in the mail and I'm ready to start laminating and preparing for the upcoming school year.

My classroom won't be clean for a few more weeks but my gears are already grinding with all the new fish-themed activities and displays that I can make.

Stay tuned for more details in regards to my back to school fish theme.


Sara B said...

If you have a Dollar Tree in NY, check the teacher supplies. The one near my house had some fishy cutouts.

Alison said...

Cute! This made me think of this children's book that I LOVE! The little boy wants a dog, but he has a fish instead. Super cute read aloud and written responses are always adorable to go with it.


Mrs. Shepherd said...

Looking forward to seeing you classroom pictures!

Shepherd's Shining Stars

Unknown said...

How fun! My theme is going to be tropical, so I've seen a lot of cool stuff you might be able to use. I'd check and the Dollar Tree. :)

Anonymous said...
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