Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th Grade Common Core ELA Standards Flip Book

Thank you for all the great feedback on my 4th Grade Common Core Math Standards Flip Book that I shared for yesterday's Monday Made It!

As per YOUR request, I have created and ELA version as well.

Be careful when you print this version.  There are 2 pages for writing and 3 for reading (since there are so many standards).  So make sure that which ever color you select for writing and reading, that you place multiple copies of that color paper in your printer to match the amount of pages that need to print!

You can snag the ELA version here.

You can still snag the MATH version here.



Sara B said...

Thanks so much. I try to organize all the CCS for ELA for the grades I teach. Might have to try a hand at something similar for the other grades I cover.

Anonymous said...

Love both your math & ela standard flip books...again, so generous of you...thank you

Anonymous said...

You are so AWESOME!!! Ditto the comment above mine; I absolutely LOVE both flip charts! This will tremendously help me this year when writing my lesson plans. I am such a visual person and using the different colors will make things so much easier. Thanks for sharing; I love it!

Malena (Education Crockpot) said...

Thank you so much! New to the grade level, so these will be so handy to have to refer to. I appreciate the generosity.