Monday, July 22, 2013

1st Day Frame and Interactive Math Notebook

Last year I made a 1st Day of 4th Grade Frame for Monday Made It.  This year I decided to make another, with a fish theme.

I also decided to do a little math work.  Our district is adopting the new Common Core Modules that New York State is in the process of putting out.

You can download the first module from New York State on place value, rounding, and algorithms for addition and subtraction here.  It is chocked full of lesson ideas, teacher talk, fluency practice, review, worksheets, homework, etc....

However, one thing that it was missing was any details or real mention of how to incorporate an interactive notebook for math.  This was a little upsetting to me at first because that is exactly what I had hoped to add to my curriculum this year. 

So what did I do...I made one myself!  You can download it today here at my TPT store.

Inside you will find all the materials you will need to kick of a Math Notebook this school year with your fourth graders....starting with Place Value, Comparing, Rounding, Adding, and Subtracting.  I have provided samples of what each page in the notebook could look like to introduce the various Common Core standards, as well as the necessary materials, clipart, and cut-outs that students will need to assembly their books.

This year I will be out for a few months on maternity leave.  Between substitutes in and out of the room and trying to implement a new math program, I was worried I might be missing something important ... time!

So, I've also included a quick print version in this pack for the teacher on the run.  Simply print and go!  No notebook necessary.  Just throw a staple in the top, possibly a few pieces of plain paper between each standard (for notes and showing work) and your notebook can be up and running immediately.

The nice thing about the Quick Print version is that not only is it in ink saving black/white but at the end of each module (or unit) students can bring their notebook home to share with parents.  If they loose it.....I plan on creating a new one with them for the next module.

Look for a new, Common Core aligned, Interactive Math Notebook for each math module.  I will continue creating the resource as each module is posted!

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Fourth Grade Flipper said...

How cute are you and your baby bump!! Awe:) I loved being pregnant. It looks like you are in the second trimester (the best!).
This post just speaks to me because we are always using the modules which doesn't leave much room for anything else. I am going to a training this Friday because I can barely look at them. It is so overwhelming. I want to implement interactive notebooks in math too and am checking out your product! Thank you for all your hard work!!
Fourth Grade Flipper

The Math Spot said...

I agree with Holly right above me. The baby bump is so stinkin cute!! I taught the first fourth grade module at the end of the year last year with some of my kiddos who could benefit from additional place value practice. It went very well and I was pleased with their work but you are 1000% right that you need to supplement centers and interactive notebook work. At this point I only have 3rd and 5th grades next year but if you have any questions about how the first module rolls out I'd be happy to chat!

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