Monday, December 24, 2012

Gingerbread House Party Tips

Last Thursday we had a fabulous Gingerbread House Party!  Making gingerbread houses has quickly become one of my favorite activities!  Young or old, this can be a fun activity for all. 

Hosting a gingerbread house party?  Here are some tips to make your party a success!

Tip #1: Quick and Easy Frosting!
Our school is currently not accepting any baked goods from students or families.  Everything must be store bought.  Rather than spend hours upon hours making homemade frosting, combine store bought frosting with confectioners sugar.  I filled a Styrofoam cup about half way with frosting and added one tablespoon of the sugar for thickness.  The frosting was a lot stronger and held the graham crackers together well.

Tip #2: Milk Cartons for the Base
Use recycled (and cleaned) milk cartons for the base of the house.  Students saved cartons from lunch.  We opened them, washed them carefully, and glued them shut.  Students simply stuck the graham crackers to the carton with frosting to make their house.  Cartons were glued to plates for added protection while being transported home at the end of the day.  These were extremely sturdy!

Tip #3: Cheap Plastic Tablecloths
I snagged some red tablecloths from the Dollar Tree this year. Not only did they add to our festive decor, but they were easier to spread out and clean up than newspaper. When you're done, simply roll up the tablecloth, along with all the garbage on top, and throw it away. Clean up was a cinch!

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