Sunday, October 7, 2012

Native American Extra Credit Projects

We have been studying Native Americans these past few weeks.

One of my favorite teaching activities is a Jigsaw.  Students split into groups to research different aspects of Native American life an history.  They created posters and then returned to their original groups to share what they learned.  At the end, I had all groups gather back together so present to the entire class.

I assigned an extra credit project for students to further research the Iroquois at home. Here are some of the great projects and presentations students have already begun to bring in (and the project isn't even due until Tuesday).

Here are some Native American recipes:  corn bread, fresh gathered nuts, and venison stew (in the background).

One student decided to bring in some Native American props and music to share with the class.

Another student created a diorama of an Iroquois village.

My students are so creative.  I can't wait to see what other projects come in on Tuesday!

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Fourth Grade Flipper said...

I LOVE it! We do an Iroquois Native American project too but are not there yet. Our students are actually going to the Seneca Iroquois Museum this Friday! They love this field trip and it is a great preview of what is to come:) Thank you for sharing and I hope you will check out my giveaway going on right now!
Fourth Grade Flipper

Write On, Fourth Grade! said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! Have fun teaching leads! :)