Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tell Me Something Good Linkie

Today I'm linking up with Rowdy in First Grade for a quick and easy post about good things from school and home.

Something good from school:

This week I introduced reading centers and we practiced our rotations.  My students have been extremely quiet and on task during independent reading and their centers.  I am really impressed with not only their role model behavior, but with the exceptional quality of their work.  I will post more about our reading time this weekend so stay tuned!

Something good from home:

My husband has been cooking dinner every night this week.  Monday night we had homemade pizza, Tuesday we had BBQ ribs, Italian bread, and mac salad. Tonight we had chicken and corn on the cob.  I am so thankful that he has been helping out so much at home while I try to get back in my back to school mind set!

Guided reading starts next week.  Look for my reading post this weekend.  I'll be sure to include lots of pictures!


Fourth Grade Flipper said...

I will be looking forward to your post about how you do your guided reading. I just started implementing Read to Self and Work on Writing. It has been great so far!
Fourth Grade Flipper

Jennifer said...

1) Awesome that your kids are so into reading stations. 2) Jealous that your husband is cooking! And homemade pizza?! Lucky dog! So glad you linked up
Rowdy in First Grade

Anonymous said...
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