Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Freebies

Today is my 27th Birthday!  I'm very excited it has fallen on a Sunday this year so I can relax and actually enjoy the day.

Since tomorrow is the first day of October, I figured what better day to start BOO'ing the teachers at my school.  It's simple.  Print off a "You've Been BOO'ed!" poem and door sign, purchase a spooky and fun treat, drop it off outside a classroom door when no one is around, and RUN!!!!

Let's face it, the first few weeks of school have been pretty stressful.  Add some fun to your "ordinary" school day and start a chain reaction at your school!  It's perfect for teachers, students, and staff in your building....and it's FREE!  You can download it here at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

Here is an example of what I am going to leave outside a mystery teacher's door tomorrow morning!


And, since it's my birthday and I'm in a giving mood check out my Spooky Stationary!   You can download them at my Teacher Pay Teacher store for FREE here as well!

Two versions are included: primary lines and intermediate lines.


Well, happy last day of September, happy first day of October (tomorrow), and Happy Birthday to me!


Teacher Kirra said...

I'm sending you happy birthday wishes from Mexico! Hope you've had a great day :D

Teacher Kirra:Maestra Kirra

meghan said...

Happy Birthday!

Third Grade in the First State

Anonymous said...
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