Saturday, September 1, 2012

Classroom Reveal - Photo Tour

Eeeekkkk....I am soooo excited. My first day with students is this Tuesday! My tummy is full of back to school butterflies and I just can't seem to get a full night of sleep. I toss and turn and dream crazy dreams. Last night I dreamt that an hour before students were to arrive my new principal asked me to switch classrooms. She provided me with 2 shopping carts and a student helper (who had arrive early). The student and I had to throw all my classroom belongings into the shopping carts and race them down the hall to the new classroom, Super Market Sweep style. I woke up out of breath and covered in sweat. Needless to say, I am still ooberly excited to meet my new kiddos.

Over the summer I pop into my classroom at least once a week. I love rearranging my classroom furniture, cleaning, organizing, and decorating for the new school year.

Unfortunately, I am unable to hang too many things on the walls. The custodians are planning on painting my room sometime over the next few weeks (fingers crossed) and until they do, my walls must stay clear. However, I was still able to spruce up my classroom with my new robot theme.

Check out my classroom:

I'll elaborate more on each picture in future posts. 

Check out photos of other teacher classrooms here:

3 more days!  Yippee!!!


Jenna said...

Love your classroom!! What a great library! :)

Just Diving In

Mrs. Shepherd said...

Love your classroom, it looks super organized! I love your world map rug and am super impressed with your class library. Your students have a plethora of books to choose from. Good luck Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Great room ! Library is fabulous! Are most of your books chapter books? Your students are fortunate. Glad to see an upper elementary with a rug... awesome! Enjoy Tuesday and have a great school year!

Fourth Grade Flipper said...

I love your classroom!! It is so inviting and your classroom library is awesome! You are lucky that you can hang things on your door. I spent Thursday evening hanging my owl theme cute door (we had things on our doors last year too). The next morning I got an email from the head of maintenance that it had to be removed due to fire code:( Good luck with your first day. My students start Wed.!
Fourth Grade Flipper

Anonymous said...

How do you organize your classroom helpers? Do you have a display for that? Just wondering. Trying to simplify the whole thing, but definitely want to spread the work around and keep it "their classroom" by assigning somehow.

Katrina said...

Great classroom. I completely understand your excitement. I always have a back to school nightmare too. I especially love your classroom library!! Good luck Tuesday!

I'm your newest follower.

4321Teach said...

Your dream was hilarious. I had dreams before I went back also. The teachers have been back since the 13th though so my dreams were quite awhile ago.

Your classroom looks great and you have quite an amazing library. :)


Anonymous said...
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