Monday, June 18, 2012

Yummy Awards

Today was our 4th Grade Award Ceremony.  I don't particularly like award ceremonies.  Growing up, I was always the child who sat with her fingers crossed, hoping and praying my name would be called as each award was announced.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see my students’ hard work and accomplishments rewarded.  However, there never seems to be enough awards to go around.  Our district has strict guidelines about selecting only one student for each award.  ½ my class is able to get one, ½ is not.  I can’t help but feel uneasy about the students who do not get the chance to shine on stage.  It’s uncomfortable and upsetting.

So, this year I decided that when we returned from the award ceremony, everyone in my class was going to get an award.

I found adorable Candy Student Awards from Reagan Tunstall on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I printed them off in black and white because our school no long allows printing in color.  Dollar Tree has a great selection of candies for just $1.00.

After the awards ceremony students came back to the classroom.  Surprise!  I handed out an award to each student.  Although they did not get to go up on stage, they were thrilled to get a candy treat along with their award.

Reagan's Student Candy Awards were a huge success!  Check them out on Teachers Pay Teachers!


Unknown said...

I used her awards to! It went perfectly with my classroom candy theme. I'm your newest follower :)

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Hello! We just found you from Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans. We are now following you!! We would love it if you want to check us out sometime!
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Just found your blog! I am your newest follower.