Sunday, May 6, 2012

Teachers Pay Teachers Appreciation

Wow!  I am overwhelmed with anticipation to see how my first sale pans out at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!  I just started uploading resources and materials this past weekend.  I've got about 10 items, including 3 freebies. 

I landed a spot in the weekly newsletter.  My Cardboard Math Arcade freebie is one of the 10 free downloads for this week.  I'm ecstatic!

When I turned in my National Board portfolio, the first thing on my mind was, "What now?"  Sign up for your own Teachers pay Teachers store now!  It may have only been a week, but it is well worth it.  Before you upload your items it forces you to really think about their value in the classroom and then tweak them so that they can be even better!

....and with all the morning's excitement, where are the dogs?  Sleeping!

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