Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pinterest Boards to Demonstrate Reading Comprehension

Students had a blast creating personal laptops with Pinterest pages on their screens.  Their Pinterest pages had a reading comprehension flair. 

After reading the book The Memory String, by Eve Bunting, I modeled for students how to fill out the Pinterest themed graphic organizer to summarize the book.  On the top left side, I created an illustration for the book, the title, author, and a summary.  On the top right side,  I included 3 of the main character's names and pictures.  At the bottom of the page, I "pinned" an illustration of the setting, beginning, middle, and end.  Each illustration opens up and underneath is a description.  (Just like when you click on a photo that has been pinned, you see a description that will send you to a link to learn more.)

Interested in making personal laptops with reading comprehension Pinterest screens?  Download the craftivity here.  It comes with 5 different versions of the Pinterest page graphic organizer covering summarizing, main idea and details, making connections, and questioning along with a blank version.

Download the Back to School - All About Me version here!


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