Monday, April 30, 2012

Cardboard Math Arcade

I was totally inspired by Caine's Arcade and couldn't wait to show my fourth graders his video.  Watch it for yourself:

At first, my intention was to show students Caine's video and then discuss it during our Socratic Circle.  However, during our discussion students expressed interest in creating their own classroom arcade.  With 2 weeks of state testing knocking at the door I was reluctant to start a project of this undertaking.  However, I went with it and jumped in head first.

We gave our arcade a math twist.  Students planned out math related arcade games, brought in cardboard boxes and other supplies, and hosted the arcade for a fellow 4th grade class.  What a great way to review previously taught concepts for our state assessment.

Students rewarded their peers with tickets for playing their games.  Every 10 tickets could be redeemed for a prize at a student manned prize booth.  I picked up Easter candy on sale at Dollar Tree for $0.25 a bag.  Score!  Students were caught skipping and squealing during the arcade.  What a fun way to prepare for the wretched state tests!

Interested in creating your own Cardboard Math Arcade?  Check out my FREE activity pack at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Enjoy!